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This is fantastic!

I used artsy voiceprint to give my mother the gift of hearing her parenrs again. They passed away in 2007, but we have clips of them in home videos. Now she is able to hear them say "we love you and we'll see you again" whenever she wants!. It makes me cry everytime. But i love it!

The big 10

I am a hero. I made several changes to my order, the folks at Artsy Voiceprint took the time to walk me through the entire process, and made recommendations to save money, and believe me there were many changes. After all of that my package arrived on time for the big 10. My 10th anniversary was truly special. I am a hero. Go ahead people trust them you will not regret it. They are really good. You too can be a hero.

Absolutely love it

Best keepsake!

Absolutely love it. When mom passed, we all had a hole that needed to be filled. I took a file with her singing and uploaded it - boom! Instant reminder of mom! Scan the code and hear her sing whenever you want!

Tug on your heart-strings!

I got this gift for my pregnant girlfriend and gave it to her at her babyshower. She absolutely loved it, immediately started crying which caused all the other women to start crying also. The quality is awesome, it's the perfect personalized gift. Only issue was that FedEx left this out in the rain, thankfully the picture is in shrinkwrap so there was no damage.