Gift ideas for the milestone anniversary years 20 through 50

by Taline Levonian November 19, 2020

Gift ideas for the milestone anniversary years 20 through 50

If you’re one of the lucky couples to stay married for 20 years or more, take some extra time to show your spouse how important they are (and how lucky they are)!

There are special elements that mark the first ten years of marriage. In an earlier post, we shared ideas for traditional anniversary gifts for years one through 10. For the milestone anniversaries, it’s a special time for both of you. Surprise your spouse with an anniversary group video from friends and family, before presenting them with one of these gifts that are sure to make them remember exactly why they said, “I do.”

20th Anniversary – China

Most couples will buy dinnerware at some point during the early years of marriage, so it may not be the gift of choice for your 20th anniversary. However, the gift of china reminds us how fragile and breakable a marriage can be. It is something to treasure and care for every day.

Modern gift ideas: Elegant china serving dishes and place settings make a perfect gift.

25th Anniversary – Silver

Silver is a precious metal and marriage is a precious commitment. Mark this milestone with something personal and special for your spouse.

Modern gift ideas: Commemorate the special 25th anniversary with custom designed silver jewelry with his and her birthstones. Mark every year as special by putting together a collection of silver Christmas tree ornaments to mark each year. Deck the walls with black and white family pictures through the years in beautiful silver frames.

30th Anniversary – Pearl

Pearls remind us the beautiful gemstones come from hard places and can take years to form into perfection, just like a marriage. After 30 years, a marriage has weathered many storms and undoubtedly holds many precious memories.

Modern gift ideas: Of course, a delicate pearl necklace, earrings and ring come to mind. For him, buy a set of pearl cuff links or a tie clip designed with a pearl. If he plays guitar, a new guitar with pearl inlay will touch his heart. Take your marriage to new heights with a scuba diving trip diving for pearls!

35th Anniversary – Coral

Coral is found in a hard to reach place just like a 35th anniversary is hard to reach. It is precious and rare and deserves a unique gift that captures its value.

Modern gift ideas: A trip on the ocean certainly comes to mind, on a cruise ship or luxury yacht. Coral is a gorgeous color for a few new designer outfits for her.

40th Anniversary – Ruby

Forty years of marital bliss has to count for something. Tell your spouse you would say “I Do” all over again with a special personal gift to mark this anniversary.

Modern gift ideas: A ruby necklace, earrings and a ring say ‘I Love You’ to her and a ruby-red new Mustang will certainly open his eyes. Visit a ruby mine in the U.S. or travel abroad where rubies are found.

45th Anniversary – Sapphire

A blue sapphire represents long lasting love for your marriage. Forty five years deserves a gift fit for a king and queen, making a sapphire gemstone the perfect choice as it is considered a royal gemstone.

Modern gift ideas: The sapphire gemstone is a rich, royal gemstone perfect for him and her. Plan a long weekend to the Sapphire Falls Resort in Florida. Mark the occasion with a sapphire ornament.

50th Anniversary – Gold

Fifty years marks the golden anniversary. Very few marriages make it to this milestone and some even go well beyond. Gold is a beautiful element and it represent wisdom, strength, and longevity for your marriage. After 50 years, you won’t have to go digging for gold, you’ve found it in your spouse.

Modern gift ideas: Jewelry is perfect for this milestone anniversary and anything gold plated. Adorn the room with gold plated rose pedals and flickering gold candles. Plan a trip of a lifetime to the one place you both have always wanted to go.

Remind your sweetheart of how far you’ve come and that you would not change a thing with the gift of your wedding vows or a simple "I love you" recorded from your voices, printed side by side in gold.

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