What are the traditional anniversary wedding gifts by year?

by Taline Levonian March 17, 2020

What are the traditional anniversary wedding gifts by year?

What are the traditional anniversary wedding gifts by year?

Buying a gift for a loved one, especially your spouse, can be a challenge.

Of course, there are the longtime reliable gifts, a tie for him, perfume or flowers for her. But those gifts don’t say, “I thought deeply about this and got you something really special.”

Unless your spouse insists on ties or flowers each year, or unless you special ordered them, those gifts are in an essence saying, “I stopped on my way home.”

What anniversary year are you celebrating? Why not consider a modern traditional gift where you recognize the traditional gift of the year but with a modern twist? Here are some gift ideas for your first ten years from the romantics at Artsy Voiceprint.

1st Anniversary – Paper

The first year is often the hardest and the most fun. You’re becoming acclimated as a married couple. Everything is exciting and you are also discovering a few things you didn’t know about your spouse. Hmm. The traditional paper gift represents the one-year milestone and beginning the second year with a clean slate. It’s also a reminder of how delicate a marriage is, especially in the first few years.

Modern gift ideas: Frame your spouse’s favorite poem. Create a paper coupon book with special date nights to carry you through your second year together. Surprise your spouse with a sweet reminder of the day you were married by creating a first anniversary gift of voice art with your wedding photo and wedding song.

2nd Anniversary – Cotton

Cotton represents strength and comfort in a marriage. While cotton is fragile and comfortable, it’s also strong and can withstand a great deal. The second year in your marriage is special milestone and it’s the perfect time to give a gift with special meaning.

Modern gift ideas: For a special second anniversary gift, show your spouse you’re comfortable but still very excited to be married to them. Try a soft, cotton bathrobe or pajamas.  Engrave your names and wedding date into a cotton weave/tapestry. Turn your wedding song or favorite term of endearment for your spouse into voice art using a cotton canvas.

3rd Anniversary – Leather

Leather represents security and shelter in a marriage. It reminds us to protect each other from outside influences and to respect each other and cherish the closeness of marriage. Leather holds the promise that you will always be there for each other.

Modern gift ideas: Cuddle up in a leather recliner built for two. Give a gift that will remind them of your love everyday such as a leather purse for her or a leather wallet for him. Find great 3 year anniversary gift ideas and make it count.

4th Anniversary – Fruit/Flowers

On this special year, flowers have a deep meaning. Your marriage is blossoming into a beautiful relationship. To show how much you love each other, go all out with fruit and flowers.

Modern gift ideas: Order an edible fruit bouquet capturing both the fruit and the flower. Schedule a couple’s massage followed by a picnic lunch with fruit dessert and a beautiful long stem rose.

5th Anniversary – Wood

The fifth anniversary is quite the accomplishment. You’ve experienced many highs and lows by now but your commitment to each other has withstood the tests these first five years have brought. Like a deep-rooted tree, your marriage is strong.

Modern gift ideas: Plan a romantic getaway and go for a hike deep in the woods or mountainous terrain. Special order a piece of furniture like rocking chair for the patio or porch. Order your favorite wine and deliver it in a custom wood wine box featuring sound wave art with a favorite song.

6th Anniversary – Candy/Iron

Candy represents the sweetness of your love for each other and iron symbolizes the continuing strength of your marriage. We highly recommend you don’t buy a clothing iron for this special occasion.

Modern gift ideas: Plan a trip to a local or nearby candy factory or chocolatier. Visit a jeweler to buy custom designed couples iron jewelry set.

7th Anniversary – Copper/Wool

Copper and wool symbolize the warmth, comfort and stability in your marriage. You’re celebrating seven years of togetherness. Re-ignite the flame with a unique gift.

Modern gift ideas: Search online for copper art. Consider art that can fit on their desk at work to remind them of your special bond.  Special order the 7th Anniversary Gift Copper with a Soundwave Art Night Sky Print.

8th Anniversary – Bronze

The bronze anniversary symbolizes a year of coming together because bronze is actually a blend of copper (7th anniversary) and tin (10th anniversary). Celebrate the years you’ve spent together and the years yet to come.

Modern gift ideas: Consider a bronze plaque with your names and wedding date or a favorite poem. Tell them you still carry a flame with bronze candle holders with candles.

9th Anniversary – Pottery

The ninth anniversary reminds us that marriage starts of small like lump of clay. Over the years, together you mold it into a beautiful, strong relationship - unique to you both as a couple.

Modern gift ideas: Pottery presents so many opportunities from ceramic tiles, to mosaics, to beautiful plant pottery, to a garden birdbath set inside a new beautiful garden. Give each other hand crafted coffee mugs to remember to start each morning together.

10th Anniversary – Tin / Aluminum

Tin is durable and can stand the test of time and elements. A marriage that lasts ten years has reached a special milestone of faithfulness, love and friendship.

Modern gift ideas: For this very special milestone 10thanniversary gift, consider a special trip to a place you’ve both always wanted to visit. Plan a weekend of relaxation and replenishment at a five-star spa. Memorialize the date with a stunning, personalized soundwave art on brushed aluminum.

Have you been married for more than ten years? Read this article for ideas about traditional gifts for milestone anniversaries.

Taline Levonian
Taline Levonian


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