5 Unique Mothers Day Gifts She Will Love

by Taline Levonian January 27, 2022

5 Unique Mothers Day Gifts She Will Love

Mother’s Day in 2022 is on Sunday, May 8 in the United States. The holiday is the same in Australia, Canada, and many other countries. However, the day differs depending on the country where you celebrate. The United Kingdom celebrates exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday.

What’s your plan for Mother’s Day?

If you plan on calling Mom this Mother’s Day, you have the same idea as quite a few million other children. The average number of calls on Mother’s Day has reached 122 million. Please do call her. She deserves to hear your voice and have a moment of your time.

Of all the flowers bought in the United States, one quarter of them are purchased for Mother’s Day gifts. The most popular is the carnation.

If you are looking for something different and special to get mom this upcoming mother’s day, we’ve curated a list of unique gift ideas.

Voice Art

Artsy Voiceprint was one of the first to launch soundwave art gifts in 2013. The founder and artist was looking for a unique wedding keepsake for her upcoming wedding. For your mother, there are several unique and personalized Mother’s Day gift options.

  • Turn your voice into a soundwave art for mom
  • Turn your child(rens) voice into a soundwave art for grandma
  • Celebrate her favorite song with song lyrics wall art

Soundwave art can even include portraits with the art and be customized to Mom’s favorite color!

Photo Book

A picture says a thousand words and holds a million memories. As technology continues to advance most of our pictures are stored on our smartphone or computer hard drive. While we are more likely to make a record of our events in life, taking time to look at them and reflect is not as common anymore. A picture book gives mom something special to unwind with in the evening, something tangible to hold. Family books by Shutterfly make a great photo book gift.

Family Cookbook

Bring back the family meal with mom, even if you can only meet together virtually using Skype or Facetime. A family cookbook stores all your own family’s secret recipes from generations past through today. Mom will cherish the handwritten recipes of her ancestors all the way to those of her grandchildren. My Family Cookbook by is a great option.

Family Cookbook

Mom and Me Weekend or Date Night

As families grow, it’s common for big groups of family members to join together on special occasions. There is less time for one on one time together for mother and child, especially with adult children and adult grandchildren. As mom grows older, however, she will have more free time. It’s during this time where she will reflect and miss the moments she had with her children. Give mom a savings account with start up money to use for planning a Mom and me weekend or special day together. Even a date night with mom will make her heart burst with joy.

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Gardens remind us of how precious and fragile and beautiful life is. A mason jar garden is a special gift for mom to share her favorite flavors and the beauty of an indoor garden. A herb garden is meant to be used so mom will be replenishing her garden all year long and thinking of you every day.

If you want mom to feel extra special, look for gifts that reflect your relationship and are something she will cherish the whole year through.

Taline Levonian
Taline Levonian


Hi! I'm the owner, creative director, and designer of Artsy Voiceprint. In late 2012, I started creating personalized soundwave art as a fun hobby that combined my technical and artistic skills. Today, it has become my dream job. I design every soundwave with a passion for simplicity, design, and a love for preserving the special moments and sounds that fill our lives. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing I've helped make a special occasion a little more memorable.

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