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A voiceprint is a set of measurable characteristics of a human voice that uniquely identifies an individual. When we turn your voice into a visual artwork, it becomes an Artsy Voiceprint.

• Choose the media (paper, canvas, wood, or brushed aluminum)

• Fill out the custom form - size, colors, caption, font, etc.

• Upload your recording(s) or email it after you place your order

• Add the listing to your cart and checkout

You have an option to add an extra 1 in. white border to some paper prints in my shop. Please add it if you intend to frame your print with a matte. If your frame will be the same size as your print, you do not want the extra border.

You may upload your recording when placing your order or you may email it to support [at] after you place your order, simply include your order number in the subject line.

The easiest way to record your message is to use your phone's Voice Memo or Voice Recorder app. You can email the file directly from your phone. You can also use your phone or camera's video feature to record (while pointing the camera anywhere) and send me that file.

The easiest way to obtain a recording of your baby's heartbeat is to use your phone's Voice Memo or Voice Recorder app at your next doctor's visit to get 5-15 seconds of the heartbeat sound. Don't worry if there are any background noises or talking in between as I can edit those out if needed.

Yes, I can create your baby's heartbeat art using an image as well. Email me the highest possible quality scan or picture taken of the ultrasound printout or monitor.

There is no specific limit, but for the best results I recommend 1-3 phrases or up to 15 seconds. The shorter the recording, the more detail you will get in the sound wave. But if you'd like to capture something longer, it is definitely doable and many customers use longer clips.

You do not need to send us an MP3 file of the song, all I need is the link to the song on YouTube. If the song is not available online, please email it the MP3 file to support [at] once you've placed your order.

Yes, we can fit any length on any size. What will be effected is the compression of the sound waves. The larger the size, the more detail will be visible.

Most songs look great as a whole but if you want to highlight a certain lyric, we can edit the song to only include that section. If you're not sure about your selection, please request a preview and know that we can make adjustments if you are not happy with the shape of the waveform.

We can use any audio or video file. If you're sending a song, you can just send me the link to the song on YouTube.

Yes. I have a lot of experience editing sound. I can remove extra sounds or reduce background noises, piece together, or amplify your recording as needed. I can also use only certain sections of your recording or song, please be specific and provide the start/end times whenever possible or describe what part to use or omit. It is rare that I cannot use a recording, in that case, I will notify you and provide options.

You can trim the video down to a smaller clip and attach it to an email. If it's still too large, the best way is to upload it to Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer and share the file. If that sounds too complicated, you can also record the sections you want on your phone while the video is playing on your computer or TV (it's best to use the voice memos or voice recorder app on your phone) and email that file to me right from your phone.

Yes, adding additional recordings to your print creates a multi-color artwork that has more depth. There is a $12 fee for each extra recording. Simply choose the number of extra recordings when customizing your order. You can choose the colors for each recording and have the multiple sound waves either overlap on the center line, be placed individually on multiple rows, or positioned side by side on the center line.

Yes, if you want to proof the art, please select the option when checking out and I will send you a preview for your approval. Please consider that requesting a proof can delay your order if I have to wait for your response.

A QR code is a scannable code that will play your recording when scanned with a QR Reader app on any phone or tablet. If purchased, you will receive a 4x6 card with the QR code printed on it.

There are many free apps that enable you to scan QR codes. Search 'QR Reader' to download an app or use your phone's camera to scan.

There are many free apps that enable you to scan QR codes. Search 'QR Reader' to download an app or use your phone's camera to scan.

Yes, I offer both digital and printed gift certificates. Printed gift certificates can be chosen for custom voiceprints, song prints, wedding vow art, and baby's heartbeat art. You will receive a gift certificate printed on a 5x7 folded card with instructions for the recipients on how to redeem and personalize their custom sound wave art. You can choose what size print you would like to gift from the drop down menu for each listing.

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This was a very meaningful, beautiful, modern, cool wedding gift. The wedding couple loved it!

Amazingly beautiful!!

We are in love with how this turned out!! The artist was so easy to work with (especially since I asked for a few changes on my end) and it came so quickly! Thank you!!

Great product Great customer service

I love my artwork. It comes in a really nice lightweight frame too. And everyone was so pleasant to deal with. If I had an issue they tended to it quickly.

Thanks so much

Great job on the work. Will be ordering another one in a few weeks


My wife loved it! Thanks for being amazing.