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10th Year Anniversary - Tin / Aluminum

The traditional symbol for the 10th anniversary is tin or aluminum. Tin symbolically demonstrates the durability and pliability of a couple's relationship, meaning it can be bent but not broken. Because tin is used to protect other metals from rusting or tarnishing, it also represents protection.


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10th Year Anniversary Meaningful Gifts, Voice Art and Song

Two Thumbs up!

Looks great! It was a fun anniversary to give. It was simple to order.

Anniversary gift

I’m really happy with the finished product. The service was efficient (I’m in the uk and it was a really quick turnaround considering) and communication excellent. I’m really looking forward to seeing my husband’s face when he opens it.

I would definitely recommend this company

Amazed, Chris & Karen Perdue

What an amazing concept! It came out beautifully! Thank you!!!


turned out way better than expected; love it